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Am I Too Old for Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontic Treatment Near Me

A smile goes a long way regardless of who you are and what you do. Orthodontic treatment does more than just fix your smile, it is also vital for your dental and physical health. Fortunately, the awareness about orthodontics and oral health has increased tremendously over the past couple of decades. 

There are still some old stereotypes and myths related to orthodontics that make a lot of people feel hesitant. One of the major stereotypes is that braces and orthodontic treatment in general is for children and teenagers only. Many adults can identify that they need treatment but consider their age as the barrier.

Does age really confine you? 

While it is true that teenagers make up most orthodontic patients, young kids and adults are rapidly narrowing the gap. The notion that braces are only for teens is outdated now. The only difference between children’s and adult treatment is that adults are not growing anymore. While childhood may be the best stage to make early intervention in jaw growth, which is why we recommend you take your child for an early evaluation. But we are now able to treat adults much more effectively than we could a decade ago.

Today, one in every three orthodontic patients in North America is an adult. This number alone has changed drastically from 20% to 33.3% over the last few years. This is a clear indication that more and more adults are benefiting from the amazing results of orthodontic treatment. 

Today we know that braces provide more than just straight teeth. Orthodontic treatment can be beneficial to both your dental and overall physical health. The good thing about modern orthodontic techniques is that these treatments have no age restrictions. Orthodontic therapy can benefit adults of all ages, even the elderly. 

You would not be the only one if you got braces as a teenager but now require them again as an adult. Most grownup orthodontic patients have worn braces previously. This is because your teeth move throughout your life and can naturally shift out of alignment as you age. If you see a problem with your teeth like shifting out of alignment at any point in life, you can reach out to Vernon dental center to consult a certified dentist.

How does it work?

The basic underlying principle is based on applying pressure to the teeth to adjust their position. The orthodontist/dentist does this by fitting mechanical appliances to the teeth to gradually move them in the appropriate direction. When a tooth is pressed on one side, the root presses upon that underlying alveolar bone. This force eventually dissolves a part of the bone near the root, allowing the tooth to migrate in the direction that it is being pushed. New bone grows in the area left by the tooth’s migration on the other side. This keeps the tooth from returning to its natural location. 

When the jawbones are developing during childhood and adolescence, braces function faster. However, teeth continue to move as we age, so braces are never out of the question. Adults require more time to straighten their teeth since their bones are more robust. Other than braces, your orthodontist could also use modern options like Invisalign. Clear aligners, tooth-colored braces, and lingual braces are some of the choices available now. You should consult your dentist in Vernon for expert recommendations for dental treatment.

Should you get orthodontic treatment as an adult?

There are some wonderful benefits that come with straight beautiful teeth. Your smile is the one of the most important expressions of happiness and love.  Hiding your smile because you do not like what your teeth look like takes away from natural expression.

We are lucky that we live in an age of scientific development in all fields, especially medicine and dentistry. You don’t have to rely on metallic braces anymore. There are several alternative options that are more aesthetic and suitable for working professionals. Invisalign is probably the most prominent modern treatment option that allows you to go through orthodontic treatment without affecting your appearance.

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