You asked, your trusted Vernon BC dentists answered, “Do sleep apnea dental appliances work?”

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If snoring or sleep apnea is concerning to you or your partner, oral appliances are an easy alternative to bulky CPAP therapy.

That is the point of having oral appliances in Vernon BC at Aberdeen Dental. The short answer to, “Do Sleep Apnea Dental Appliances Work?” is an emphatic yes! Like all therapies, their effectiveness depends on your unique characteristics.



Those with sleep disorder conditions could benefit from a couple of different oral therapies: Mandibular Advancement and Tongue-Retaining Devices. MRDs fit over upper and lower teeth to move the jaw, tongue, and tissues forward, keeping your airway open during sleep. They also stimulate the pharyngeal muscles that relax during REM sleep. TRDs hold the tongue forward, and may be the appliance of choice for patients with few to no teeth.

The appliances don’t cure snoring and sleep apnea, but prevent symptoms caused by airway obstruction without surgery.


How well do they work?

The Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health Assessment reviewed dozens of studies that analysed the effectiveness of oral appliances:

  • Effectiveness ranged from 52 percent to 97 percent
  • Modest decline in blood pressure was noticed with a reduction in sleep apnea
  • Snoring was controlled in 75 percent of oral appliance users
  • 86 percent of patients’ partners reported higher quality sleep

Oral appliance therapy is the first line of treatment for patients with mild to moderate sleep apnea. It’s reportedly 60 to 70 percent effective among these patients. It’s also a go-to treatment for primary snorers whose snoring isn’t a complication of something else, and for those who aren’t candidates for CPAP. Since complying with CPAP is challenging, oral appliances are considered a second line of treatment for individuals with severe OSA who fail to adjust to these machines. Drs. Dhaliwal and O’Shea have seen firsthand oral appliance therapy successes among these types of patients.

Experience the ease, comfort, convenience, and effectiveness of oral appliance therapy on sleep-related conditions for yourself. Call (250) 545 3319. We welcome getting to know you!


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