Experience pleasant dental surgery, oral surgical procedures, and solutions in Vernon BC

Experience pleasant dental surgery, oral surgical procedures, and solutions in Vernon BC from Dr. Pita Dhaliwal and Dr. Kevin O’Shea at Aberdeen Dental.

Surgery isn’t synonymous with time-consuming, complex, costly, and painful procedures. Dental Surgery Procedures in Vernon BC are common, efficient, well-tolerated, and no more extensive than other routine treatments like fillings. Oral Surgical Solutions with gentle digital imaging and calming sedatives offered by Drs. Dhaliwal and O’Shea and the team at Aberdeen Dental ensure your comfort, and may transform your perception of surgery.



A tooth may be pulled, painlessly and quickly, for a variety of reasons:

  • Impacted wisdom teeth — When these back teeth or third molars don’t erupt properly, they may be extracted to prevent or relieve pain, and damage to a nearby molar, nerves, and underlying bone.
  • Orthodontic treatment — Sometimes, teeth are removed before braces because your mouth may not be big enough to accommodate teeth once they are repositioned and crowding is corrected. This approach allows more efficient straightening to get the desired outcomes from braces.
  • For tooth replacement — If you’re missing teeth, the doctors may need to remove teeth before replacing them with natural-looking and well-fitting partial or full dentures. Patients may be holding on to painful or unattractive teeth due to not wanting to be seen with gaps, a concern that is quickly addressed with efficient extraction and restoration like immediate implant-supported dentures.

A tooth may also need to be removed if it’s badly decayed, knocked-loose, or seriously injured.

Treatment is also advised to:

  • Save a tooth with root canal therapy — During this procedure, the infected tissue is removed and the tooth is restored.
  • Replace missing teeth with dental implants — The implant or artificial tooth root is placed in the jawbone, and later fuses with surrounding bone where it provides a stable foundation for a new crown, bridge, or denture.

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