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While every dental practice at some point treats families, Aberdeen Dental Centre is truly built with the family in mind. From the design of our office to techniques and products, there is an appropriate approach for every member of the family, and for every patient at every life stage. As your family dentist in Vernon BC, our answer to “What is family dentistry?” may be different from what other offices in the area may tell you. A quick glimpse into the heart of our family dentistry office includes:

  • A pleasant atmosphere– From WIFI, to sipping coffee on our deck with a view
  • Convenient scheduling– You’re busy, so feel free to book back-to-back appointments for you, your kids, parents, and other loved ones.
  • Gentle techniques– Safe sedation adds to a positive experience, while technologies like digital X-rays and CBCT cone beam scans make examinations easy on little patients’ mouths.
  • Since there is a genetic component to gum disease, and since so many diseases that run-in families also affect oral health, getting to know your family helps us tailor effective preventive treatments that address specific risk factors.
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From your home to our “dental home”

Dental care for all the family dentistThe Canadian Dental Association recommends that professional dental care start within six months of the baby’s first tooth and by no later than his or her first birthday. Due to the child’s young age, these visits are used to educate caregivers. Even the youngest patients are at risk of developing tooth and gum problems. In fact, pediatric tooth decay or dental disease is the most common childhood illness, more common than asthma, hay fever, or obesity. Regular visits help to give you and your child the tools that prevent these conditions, and allow doctors to spot and treat the early warning signs, when the effects of these conditions can be reversed. Our care and guidance grow with your child:

  • Infants — Early childhood caries is defined as one or more decayed, missing, or filled tooth surfaces among newborns to 5-year-olds. Since the bacteria responsible for ECC can be passed from mother to child, it’s important for women who are expecting to keep up with their dental appointments. We encourage parents to alter habits that damage young mouths; for example, babies shouldn’t fall asleep sucking on bottles full of sugary drink. Babies should drink from a cup by their first birthdays, and learn to eat their fruit rather than drink what may be more sugar than actual fruit juice.
  • School-aged children – The first permanent molar usually erupts around age 6 or 7. These back teeth have lots of pits and grooves that make natural traps for food debris. Both the grooved surface and tooth location pose challenges to proper cleaning techniques. Poor oral hygiene promotes the decay that leads to early tooth loss. Such damage can generally be prevented with sealants. Applied to uneven surfaces in less time than a filling, sealants create a thin barrier between the tooth and harmful bacteria. Like other preventive procedures, they are often covered by insurance.
  • Teenagers –Braces, in some ways, are considered a rite of passage; however, today’s orthodontic appliances are designed to be unobtrusive and comfortable, no silver wires and brackets here! Transparent plastic aligners may be worn as alternatives to conventional braces. These treatments keep your mouth looking beautiful and healthy, because irregular teeth growth may result in bite problems, jaw joint problems and jaw misalignment.

fun at the dentistAberdeen Dental Centre also gently and comfortably removes impacted third molars or wisdom teeth, for older teens and young adults. As you get older, you may encounter new challenges. Generally, older patients are at greater risk of developing chronic conditions that can damage oral health, or that may be caused by other chronic problems, including:

  • Dry mouth– Promotes decay and infections.
  • Periodontal diseaseWorsened by old and poorly-fitting dentures and restorations, and other diseases such as diabetes.
  • Hormonal changes – Bleeding gums and dry mouth may arise in menopause.

Every family and every patient is different, and what may have worked when you were a pediatric patient may not apply as you get older. Aberdeen Dental Centre takes pride in getting to know patients and their family members, which puts us in the best position to keep you and your loved ones healthy!

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