A dental bridge provides permanent tooth replacement in Vernon BC

Permanent Tooth Bridge BC

Aberdeen Dental is pleased to offer tooth replacement that functions and looks like healthy natural teeth. The permanent tooth bridge in Vernon BC is a cost-effective and functionally effective way to replace a single tooth, or several teeth.


The traditional approach

If you have some remaining healthy teeth near the gap where a tooth was, you may be a good candidate for a conventional dental bridge. A false tooth or pontic is fused to two crowns. This multi-unit restoration is cemented over remaining teeth on each side of the gap. These abutment teeth are filed down to make room for the crowns, which provide stability to your new tooth. These types of bridges typically last between 5 and 10 years. Their longevity depends on many factors:

  • How well you brush
  • Effective flossing underneath and around the pontic, via a threader or interdental pick
  • Professional cleanings to remove hardened plaque
  • Your bite, which can place pressure on the pontic that results in excessive wear


Bridging the gap with implants

Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth, all teeth, or somewhere in-between. Designed similarly to the traditional bridge, implant bridges are a great option for those patients who either don’t have enough teeth or sufficiently healthy teeth to support a traditional bridge. These bridges get their support instead from dental implants.

Made from strong, yet lightweight, titanium, the dental implant functions like a natural tooth root once it is placed in the jaw and fuses with surrounding bone. The multi-unit false teeth and crowns are anchored to the dental implants, the same way traditional bridges are anchored by abutment teeth.

What bridge type is best for you? Call (250) 545 3319 to schedule a consultation. Regardless of how your teeth are replaced, Aberdeen Dental stands by its work with a warranty.


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