Preventative care in BC protects dental, overall health

Patient in chair waiting for Preventive Dental Treatment in BC

When you visit Aberdeen Dental for your preventative dental care needs in BC, you’re keeping your smile beautiful and healthy. A painful mouth or missing teeth can damage many aspects of your life. Your sleep, social life, career, or education can suffer. Painful or inefficient chewing sets off a cascade of health problems, including nutritional deficiencies. Research has also linked dental disease to systemic problems, such as heart disease and diabetes.


You’ve come to the right place to prevent whole-body problems and to keep your family healthy and happy.


An office that feels like home

The team is honoured to be your “dental home.” Aberdeen Dental wants you to come back for the recall appointments that are the foundation of preventive care. The Vernon office has been designed with your comfort in mind. From coffee while you wait to iPads for the kids, we ensure a pleasant experience. You’re less likely to fear the dentist and may even welcome visits, seeing the friendly faces you’ve come to trust.


Fear of the dental bill is minimised when you keep routine visits. Generally, when your dentist catches problems early and intervenes with proactive care, costly and time-consuming restorative treatment is avoided. Why have a filling when a sealant prevents the cavity? Why require a root canal and crown when a filling treats earlier-stage decay and prevents serious infection?


The office follows Canadian Dental Association Guidelines, including:

  • Baby’s first visit within six months of the eruption of the first tooth or by one year of age
  • Cleanings and exams at six-month intervals for “healthy” patients
  • Visits every three to four months for patients with gum disease


Baby’s initial visit is about parent education. Preventative dental care means so many different things. Discuss any questions or concerns at your next visit or call (250) 545 3319.


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“I have had several thousands of dollars worth of dental work done at Aberdeen Dental and I have been very pleased with the results. The staff and dentists are cheerful and friendly as well as efficient. I especially appreciate the way they explain what they are doing and inquire about my comfort as they are working. I would confidently recommend this clinic to my friends and family – in fact I have!”
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