Porcelain Veneers at Aberdeen Dental Centre

Porcelain Veneers at Aberdeen Dental Centre

Do you want to enjoy a Hollywood smile? Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, it is now possible. Say hello to Porcelain Veneers! Not only are veneers used to hide cosmetic defects, but they are used for correction of the shape and alignment of the teeth. What are Veneers? Veneers are very thin shells of porcelain which are attached to the front surface of teeth to restore their esthetics, function, and structure. Porcelain veneers match the color and shade of your natural teeth and once they are placed, they blend-in with the surrounding teeth, thereby giving you a naturally beautiful and attractive smile. … Continue reading

Defining the cosmetic dentist: What does Aberdeen Dental do differently for your smile’s health, beauty?

Cosmetic Dentist Vernon BC

Drs. Dhaliwal and O’Shea and the entire Aberdeen Dental team understand the importance of a beautiful smile, and the value patients and society place on teeth that look as attractive as they are comfortable and functional. If you’ve heard the term “cosmetic dentist,” you may be wondering: “What Does a Cosmetic Dentist Do?” Our Vernon BC team is more than happy to explain the services and approaches that make us the office to turn to for not only preventive oral and gum health services, but also for elective procedures to beautify your smile.   The artistry of dentistry Cosmetic dentistry … Continue reading

A dental bridge provides permanent tooth replacement in Vernon BC

Permanent Tooth Bridge BC

Aberdeen Dental is pleased to offer tooth replacement that functions and looks like healthy natural teeth. The permanent tooth bridge in Vernon BC is a cost-effective and functionally effective way to replace a single tooth, or several teeth.   The traditional approach If you have some remaining healthy teeth near the gap where a tooth was, you may be a good candidate for a conventional dental bridge. A false tooth or pontic is fused to two crowns. This multi-unit restoration is cemented over remaining teeth on each side of the gap. These abutment teeth are filed down to make room … Continue reading

Make positive changes to your smile with a cosmetic dentist in Vernon BC

A beautiful smile from a cosmetic dentist in Vernon BC

Many people think that a dentist’s job is to clean teeth and address cavities, but that is only part of the process. In addition to general and preventative dentistry services such as cleanings, examinations, and restorations, Drs. Dhaliwal and O’Shea provide cosmetic services to residents in the Vernon, BC area.   “What services does a cosmetic dentist provide?” A cosmetic dentist works with you to enhance the appearance of your smile while also improving oral health. Cosmetic dentistry can improve self-esteem as patients become more confident with their smiles. Research has shown that when you are self-conscious about flaws such … Continue reading

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“I have had several thousands of dollars worth of dental work done at Aberdeen Dental and I have been very pleased with the results. The staff and dentists are cheerful and friendly as well as efficient. I especially appreciate the way they explain what they are doing and inquire about my comfort as they are working. I would confidently recommend this clinic to my friends and family – in fact I have!”
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