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Where Can I Find Quality Dental TMJ Disorder Consultation in Vernon?

TMJ Disorder Treatment Vernon

Are you struggling with a TMJ problem and are looking for a reliable dentist? Are you feeling irritation or pain at the jaw joint? There is a possibility that you suffer with Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder. TMJ condition can lead to many symptoms like headaches, jaw pain as well as difficulty chewing and even headaches.

If you are looking for a dental clinic that can treat your TMJ – call Aberdeen Dental. Our skilled team of dentists will provide a thorough TMJ disorder consultation to determine and treat your problem efficiently.

Understanding TMJ Disorder

The temporomandibular joint binds the jawbone with the skull, allowing the jaw to move. TMJ disorders occur in the event of a malfunction or an imbalance within the joint. It may be caused by a variety of causes, including tooth grinding, jaw injury and stress, arthritis or incorrectly aligned teeth. If untreated, the TMJ disorders can seriously influence your life quality as it causes chronic pain, impacting the ability to eat or speak and to rest comfortably.

An experienced dentist who can take a comprehensive examination of the mouth, teeth, and jaw. The dentist will be able to ask concerns about your current symptoms as well as your medical past. They will look at your jaw to determine if there are symptoms of TMJ disorders. Following the exam, the dentist will go over the options for treatment with you and create a treatment program which is suitable for your needs.

Dental TMJ Consultation at Aberdeen Dental Centre

Aberdeen Dental Centre offer TMJ disorder consults in Vernon, BC. Our dentists have years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ problems, utilizing modern diagnostic methods and the latest technology. Schedule a consultation with our dental clinic. You will be able to receive individualized attention as well as a thorough examination of your symptoms and medical health history.

During your appointment, the dentists perform an examination of the jaw joint and muscles. We will evaluate the alignment of your teeth. You may also be asked to take dental X-rays to collect more details regarding your situation. The goal of our practice is to determine the root cause behind the TMJ problem and create an individual treatment plan that is tailored to your individual needs.

Treatment Options for TMJ Disorder

If a diagnosis is established the team of our doctor will go over the treatment options that are available to treat the TMJ problem. We favour gentle, non-invasive methods whenever feasible. Based on the severity of your medical condition, we could suggest:

● Medications:

The use of prescription or over-the-counter medications can be prescribed to relieve the pain and inflammation caused by TMJ issues. Some of the medications advised include pain relievers as well as muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory medicines.

● Splint or Bite Plate Therapy:

A bite plate or splint is a piece of equipment placed over teeth in order to keep the jaw aligned and also to stop teeth grinding.

● Physical Therapy:

Exercises in physical therapy may be suggested to in strengthening and stretching the jaw muscles.

● Injections:

In certain instances, injecting steroids or other drugs may be suggested to ease discomfort and swelling.

● Surgery:

In the most severe instances, surgical intervention may be required in order to straighten the jaw, or for repairing damaged tissues.

● Dental Splints or Mouthguards:

The custom-fitted mouthguards or splints will help you move your jaw forward and reduce the pressure placed on your TMJ. These are typically used by those who suffer from grinding their teeth or a misalignment of the bite.

● Orthodontic Treatment:

If the misalignment of your teeth is a contributing factor to the TMJ problem, then orthodontic treatment could be recommended to help improve your bite alignment and jaw alignment.

● Medical Treatment:

In some instances, medications like muscle relaxants, pain-relieving medications, and anti-inflammatory medications can be prescribed for the treatment of inflammation and pain.

● Dental Procedures:

If you have severe symptoms of TMJ disorders, specific dental procedures might be required for treatment, such as dental restorations as well as tooth extraction or adjustments to the occlusal area.

Why Choose Aberdeen Dental Centre?

Aberdeen Dental Centre is your most trusted source for TMJ disorder diagnosis located in Vernon, BC. The reasons why our patients prefer us are:

● Experienced Dentists:

Our dentists are experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ problems. They keep up to date with the most recent advancements in technology for dentistry and treatments.

● Patient-Centred Approach:

We care about your well-being and comfort; we ensure you receive individualized treatment and attention during the course of your TMJ appointment and treatment.

● State-of-the-Art Facility:

The clinic we use is fitted with modern dental equipment, which allows accurate diagnosis and efficient treatment plans.

● Comprehensive Dental Services:

Alongside TMJ disorder treatment In addition, we provide a vast variety of dental treatments to take care of all the needs of your mouth health.

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If you’re looking for TMJ disorder treatment located in Vernon, BC, Aberdeen Dental Centre is a great choice. The experienced and knowledgeable dentists at Aberdeen are committed to offering comprehensive TMJ consultations, customized treatment plans, as well as effective solutions to the TMJ condition. Do not let your jaw pain or discomfort interfere with your everyday day life.

Make an appointment with Aberdeen Dental Centre today to set up a consultation appointment and take the first step to an improved, pain-free smile.

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