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Emergency Dentist

Dental Emergencies

There are occasions that require the immediate attention of your dentist. These situations would include dental trauma, swelling and infection, uncontrolled pain, or bleeding. Many emergency situations can be managed by a simple phone call. If you are experiencing a sudden dental problem, it is important to call the office so that we can gather information and assess the urgency of the situation.

Dental Abscess

Infections in the mouth are usually caused by necrotic (dead) teeth or gum disease. Symptoms of dental infections include lingering pain, spontaneous pain, pain while sleeping, swelling of gum or facial tissues, fever and generally feeling unwell. Antibiotics can be prescribed to help manage the swelling and pain however, antibiotics will not get rid of the infection. The reason why infections come back after a round of antibiotics is because there is not enough blood supply to teeth to effectively clear the infection. Abscesses are generally treated with root canal therapy, extraction, or debridement.

Emergency Dentist


Tooth Aches

Avoid biting down on the tooth (chew on the other side of your mouth). If the tooth is chipped or broken and you are in pain use over-the-counter pain medication and contact our office.

Avulsed tooth (knocked-out tooth)

If you have experienced trauma to your tooth and the tooth is avulsed – rinse the tooth in cold water for 10 seconds and reposition it back into the socket. Bite on a moist cloth and contact our office immediately. If the tooth cannot be repositioned into the socket, then place the tooth in milk and contact our office immediately.

Soft tissue Trauma

Gently clean or rinse the area, apply pressure with the cloth and contact our office.

Uncontrolled bleeding

If you have had a recent tooth extraction and are experiencing bleeding – take a black tea bag and moisten it. Place it over the socket and apply pressure. Call the office if the bleeding does not stop.

Facial Swelling

If you are experiencing facial swelling due to a dental infection, please call the office. If the swelling is expanding and your breathing is impaired, please head to the hospital and seek immediate medical attention


Dental anxiety is not uncommon. People avoid coming to the dentist for many reasons. We understand these concerns and can make your visit more comfortable with the use of sedation.

Conscious Oral Sedation & Inhalation Sedation

Nitrous oxide also known as laughing gas is widely used in dentistry. It has been used for over 100 years to reduce pain and anxiety. Nitrous oxide is not metabolized in the body – the effect wears off immediately and it is very safe to use in children. Adults may choose oral sedation, triazolam/Halcion drug that provides relaxation during dental procedures. Nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation may also be used in combination. Call Aberdeen Dental Centre to enquire about the sedation options right for you.



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