Orthodontics & Fast Braces

Orthodontics & Fast Braces

Straighter teeth in less time. Fastbraces offers an alternative to conventional orthodontics by reducing treatment time by half while achieving beautiful smiles.

Alternatives to Conventional Orthodontics Available in Vernon

Most people would like to have straight, evenly spaced teeth. However, the idea of living with a mouthful of hardware for several years isn’t appealing. Dr. Kevin O’Shea brings attractive, efficient alternatives to conventional orthodontics to patients in the Vernon area. Fast braces are orthodontics with an important difference. Traditional braces use a rectangular bracket that moves the tooth in two phases: first the crown, then the root. Fastbraces use a patented triangular bracket and square wire to move teeth in just one stage, comfortably and safely. Dr. O’Shea has been utilizing Fastbraces for nearly nine years, with great results and a high patient satisfaction rate. Fastbraces can correct crowding without removal of the bicuspids. The treatment creates a beautiful board smile. If you are considering Orthodontics – consider Fastbraces – it is a great option to straighten your teeth.

Early Orthodontic Treatment

The growth and development of the jaws is an important factor in determining the final position of teeth. Deficiencies in the jaw size or lack of space in the dental arch can lead to crowding and crooked smiles. These potential problems, if spotted early can often be corrected or reduced with early intervention. One such intervention is the use of expansion devices. These devices can help expand and guide the growth of the jaws allowing for more room for the proper eruption of adult teeth. Expanders can be used as early as 6 -7 years old.



Tried and Tested

Fastbraces technology was invented over 30 years ago. The system was invented by an orthodontist and is used in over 50 countries worldwide. It is a tried and tested system and that is why you can trust this method.


When compared with other treatment options, braces are a cost-effective way to get the same results as other treatment methods.

Highly Effective in Complex Cases

Braces are still a preferable treatment option when it comes to complex and severe cases.



Restriction on Food

When you are going through orthodontic treatment, you must be careful with your eating habits. There are a lot of things that you must avoid eating because food can get stuck and cause gum issues.


Because it is easy for your braces to capture food particles and build up plaque, it is important that you keep up with your oral hygiene at all times.

Oral Discomfort

Braces can cause pain and discomfort, especially in the beginning of the treatment. Most people go through an initial stage of discomfort, but it gets better after that phase is over.


Does my child need braces or orthodontic treatment?

If you are noticing any of the following signs with your child’s teeth, call for a free orthodontic assessment:
• Deep bite
• Spaces between teeth
• Upper and lower front teeth not touching while biting (anterior open bite)
• Crowded or overlapped teeth.

How long does braces treatment last?

On average, the typical Fastbraces patient goes through treatment for less than 12 months. But each case is different, and we can give you an estimated time after looking at your individual case.

Am I too old for braces?

Don’t let your age get in the way of improving your smile. Visit us at Aberdeen dental and let us show you how you can achieve your dream smile even as an adult.



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