A healthy smile starts with preventive dental services in Vernon BC

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There is no better place to keep your teeth and gums healthy than at your trusted dentist’s office. Preventive dental services at Aberdeen Dental in Vernon, BC include recall visits. Generally scheduled every six months, recall visits include professional cleanings and dental exams. During your exam, Dr. Dhaliwal or Dr. O’Shea will look for signs of problems. These conditions may be detected with a visual inspection or X-rays. The dental team uses advanced, digital technologies for utmost comfort, safety, and precision diagnostics. An accurate diagnosis allows effective, prompt treatment of dental problems.   Gum disease Your dentist looks for signs … Continue reading

Preventative care in BC protects dental, overall health

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When you visit Aberdeen Dental for your preventative dental care needs in BC, you’re keeping your smile beautiful and healthy. A painful mouth or missing teeth can damage many aspects of your life. Your sleep, social life, career, or education can suffer. Painful or inefficient chewing sets off a cascade of health problems, including nutritional deficiencies. Research has also linked dental disease to systemic problems, such as heart disease and diabetes.   You’ve come to the right place to prevent whole-body problems and to keep your family healthy and happy.   An office that feels like home The team is … Continue reading

Immediate treatment for gum disease can prevent serious damage to Vernon, BC patient’s oral health

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A growing number of Canadian adults currently have severe gum disease. While the condition starts as a mild form of soft tissue inflammation known as gingivitis, severe gum disease (periodontitis) occurs when the gums separate from the teeth. When this happens, bacteria can accumulate in the pockets, leading to deep infection. Eventually, the teeth can become loose and fall out. The good news is that early detection and prompt treatment of gum disease allows us to identify the disease early and prevent its progression to periodontitis. Prevention of gum disease is vital When it comes to gum disease, prevention is … Continue reading

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“I have had several thousands of dollars worth of dental work done at Aberdeen Dental and I have been very pleased with the results. The staff and dentists are cheerful and friendly as well as efficient. I especially appreciate the way they explain what they are doing and inquire about my comfort as they are working. I would confidently recommend this clinic to my friends and family – in fact I have!”
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