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When Does My Child Need Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontic Treatment

Taking kids for orthodontic treatment helps fix tooth and jaw issues early. If they come in crooked or misaligned, it can cause problems. That’s why parents shouldn’t wait if they notice concerns. If you are one of those parents who is wondering “Does my child need orthodontic treatment?”, then there are a few signs to look out for.

The most common signs that your kid needs orthodontic treatment are crowded or overlapping teeth, overbites, underbites, jaw shifting, etc. Correcting these problems prevents bigger issues down the road.

Early orthodontic care guides teeth into proper positioning as the jaw develops. It creates space for permanent teeth to emerge straight.

Visit the clinic of a trusted orthodontist in Vernon. Treatment allows for a healthy bite, easy chewing, and speech development. Taking your kids for an orthodontic evaluation catches and treats dental problems quickly.

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Does My Child Need Orthodontic Treatment?

To put your Does my child need orthodontic treatment?” queries to rest we have compiled a list of signs that indicate you should opt for treatment:

Crooked or Misaligned Teeth

One major sign your child may need braces is crooked or misaligned teeth. As their adult teeth grow in, you may notice some coming in turns, overlapping, or with gaps. This crowding can make it hard for them to chew and speak properly if not corrected.

Orthodontic treatment like Invisalign or traditional braces gently guides those misaligned teeth into a straight, functional smile. Leaving teeth crooked doesn’t just affect oral health – it can really hurt a child’s self-confidence too. Kids can become self-conscious about their smile’s appearance.

Don’t let crooked teeth impact your kid’s ability to eat, speak clearly, or feel good about themselves. Seek early evaluation from an orthodontist for cosmetic dentistry in Vernon. They specialize in safe, comfortable ways to fix alignment. A straighter smile means better long-term dental health.


One common sign that should put your “Does My Child Need Orthodontic Treatment?” question to rest is overcrowding of teeth. This occurs when there isn’t enough space in the jawbone for all the permanent teeth to fit properly. As adult teeth try to come out, they get blocked and come in crooked or on top of each other.

Overcrowding makes it very difficult for teeth to line up neatly. It creates a messy, overlapping smile that’s hard to clean properly. If left uncorrected, overcrowding increases risks of tooth decay, gum disease, and excessive wear on enamel from misaligned bites.

Orthodontic treatment like Invisalign or braces can help create necessary space within the arches. Expanders, extractions, or jaw surgery may be needed first for severe cases. But orthodontics in Vernon realigns teeth while ensuring ideal spacing and alignment.


An overbite means the upper front teeth protrude too far in front of the lower teeth when biting down. This misalignment causes the top teeth to bite down, overlapping the bottom ones excessively.

Besides giving the appearance of protruding “buck teeth”, an overbite indicates the jaws aren’t aligned properly. This can strain jaw muscles, cause grinding, and make proper chewing motion difficult over time. It also increases tooth wear and chips.

Correcting an overbite while a child is still growing is crucial. You can opt for cosmetic dentistry in Vernon to adjust the bite into ideal alignment. Treating the root cause improves jaw function, prevents excessive tooth damage, and creates a comfortable, healthy bite pattern.

Don’t ignore signs of your child’s bite being misaligned! Overbites and overcrowding require early orthodontic treatment to guide teeth into their proper positions and prevent bigger problems later.

Orthodontic Vernon


An underbite occurs when the lower jaw protrudes out past the upper jaw, causing the bottom teeth to sit in front of the top ones. This misalignment makes it difficult to chew properly and places excessive strain on the jaw joints over time.

Leaving an underbite uncorrected as a child can worsen the condition as the jaws continue growing out of alignment. Early orthodontic treatment by consulting with an expert is essential.

Beyond physical impacts, an underbite can also contribute to speech difficulties in pronouncing certain words. Kids may feel self-conscious about their protruding jaw, negatively impacting their self-esteem. Invisalign or other discreet orthodontic options help realign bites while allowing kids to smile confidently.


A crossbite means some upper teeth bite inside the lower teeth, rather than aligning properly on the outside. This misalignment can occur on either the front or side teeth. It prevents an ideal bite fitting.

If a crossbite isn’t treated in childhood through orthodontic treatment, the misaligned teeth will continually grind against each other unevenly. This uneven wear leads to excessive tooth damage over time and promotes jaw pain or locking.

Cosmetic dentistry in Vernon can gently realign a crossbite as a child’s mouth develops. Creating proper tooth and jaw positioning prevents abnormal wear and jaw strain.

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Open Bite

An open bite means the upper and lower rows of front teeth don’t overlap vertically when biting down – there’s an open space between them. This interferes with ideal chewing motion and makes tearing food difficult.

Beyond functional issues, an open bite also impacts speech development and pronunciation. The tongue positioning required for certain sounds is impacted by the open spacing.

Addressing an open bite promptly prevents long-term problems with the bite and jaw joint.

Invisalign and orthodontic appliances can guide the bite into proper overlapping alignment as a child grows.

Excessive Spacing

In some cases, the issue isn’t overcrowding but rather excessive spacing between teeth. Large gaps or “holiday” spaces make it difficult to chew foods properly. They also allow food particles to get tightly packed in, increasing risks of decay and gum disease.

Beyond functional concerns, excessive spacing gives a child’s smile an unpleasant appearance. This can lead to self-esteem issues and avoiding smiling in social situations. Orthodontic treatment closes those gaps by guiding teeth gradually closer together into an even, healthy smile arch.

Displaced Midline

Another potential sign orthodontics is needed is a displaced midline – when the center lines of the upper and lower front teeth don’t align vertically. This misaligned bite can occur due to crowding/spacing issues or an underlying skeletal jaw discrepancy.

Whatever the cause, a displaced midline creates an asymmetric smile that’s both functionally and cosmetically concerning. It prevents ideal chewing mechanics and adds abnormal forces to the bite over time.

Orthodontic treatments from reputable providers realign the midlines and jaws through precise tooth movement into their proper positioning.


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At what age should I have my child evaluated for orthodontic treatment?

Children should receive their first orthodontic screening around age 7 from an experienced dentist. This allows monitoring of jaw growth and emerging teeth. Early evaluation provides the best outcome for guiding teeth and jaws into proper alignment.

Will my child need tooth extractions for orthodontic treatment?

Many cases can be treated without extractions when tackled early enough as the jaw is still developing. However, severe crowding or bite issues may require extracting some teeth to create space. In some instances, dental implants may be recommended later to replace extracted teeth.

Can my child still play sports and instruments with braces?

Absolutely – braces are very safe for regular activities with proper precautions. Your child can play sports by wearing a protective mouthguard. They can also be taught techniques for playing musical instruments comfortably with braces!

Disclaimer- The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes and is written by a professional writer. Consult us to learn more about orthodontic treatment.

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