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Why Choose an Orthodontist (Instead of a Dentist) for Braces or Invisalign?


Getting braces or aligners involves a big commitment. So it’s vital to select the right orthodontic professional at the outset. But what’s the difference between a regular dentist and an orthodontist? And does it matter either way?

Orthodontists specialize exclusively in tooth movement and alignment. They complete advanced education in applying braces, clear aligners, and other techniques for straightening teeth or correcting bites. General dentists focus on overall oral health rather than solely orthodontics. They refer complex cases to dedicated orthodontic specialists.

For mild alignment issues, a dentist may suffice to oversee treatment. But for anything moderate or serious like crowded or misaligned teeth, see a specialist orthodontist. Their extensive training means accurately diagnosing each case’s needs.

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Reasons to choose an orthodontist

After general dental school, orthodontists devote 2-3 more years. This specialty training exclusively focuses on fixing bites, spacing, crowding, and tooth positions. Continuous professional development keeps them up to date on new practices. It builds in-depth expertise beyond family dentists regarding growth patterns, occlusion, and achieving lasting smiles.

Orthodontists must complete hundreds of treatment cases under supervision before qualifying. This focus makes them exceptionally proficient in creating personalized plans for issues like overbites, crossbites, and misalignments. According to research, orthodontic specialists achieve better alignment and stability results compared to general dentists.

Carefully Tailored Treatment Plans

Each case differs, so custom plans get better results. Through x-rays, photos, 3D scans, and specialist analysis, orthodontists determine precise realignment techniques. Careful diagnosis captures gum health, jaw angles, and other factors, not just the teeth. Custom-designed approaches then optimize comfort and effectiveness. Industry-leading providers even use high-tech digital imaging to show you planned changes before starting.

Advanced assessment tools like cephalometric head scans allow modeling of how growth may impact alignment longevity. This enables custom treatment timing for the best stable outcomes. Any complex case risks substandard results without this specialist insight into distinguishing anatomical traits.

Latest Techniques And Technology

From transparent aligners to faster braces systems, specialist orthodontists deliver innovative options dentists can lack access to. Cutting-edge tools like digital intra-oral scanners capture precise 3D data for accurate aligners or devices. New non-invasive approaches like mini-implant anchoring expand how even extreme cases can be corrected discreetly.

Many dentists rely on referrals for complex realignment needs. However, orthodontists actively monitor and test advancing technologies first-hand before applying them in practice.

Their specialized role focuses purely on correction methods, driving access to new braces materials, surgical interventions, and clear aligner product ranges offering greater precision and comfort.

Focus On Long-term Dental Health

The end goal is correctly aligned bites supporting better oral health indefinitely. So orthodontists focus on optimal physiological function. Ensuring teeth sit properly without overcrowding reduces future gum disease or wear risks. It also lowers the chances of discomfort, uneven forces, or reversals after treatment stops. Industry leaders emphasize retention steps cementing the position of straightened teeth.

Beyond aesthetics, orthodontists consider balanced facial symmetry and how it impacts long-term protection against tooth grinding, decay, or erosion. Their specialized dental education spotlights the elevated importance of stable, functional alignment for minimizing tooth loss risks later in life compared to simply closing gaps for looks now.

On-going Care For Best Results

Progress checks and adjustments every 4-6 weeks form part of quality treatment. Orthodontists change elastics/wires as needed, and identify secondary effects requiring intervention. Their guidance maximizes hygiene around braces which specialized experience aids. Once devices come off, follow-up visits confirm stability and permanent retention if necessary. This ensures changes hold position long-term.

Dentists may fit braces but lack the same depth of expertise in adjusting and troubleshooting issues over months of wear. By contrast, orthodontic specialization and regular case exposure build intuitive practice. From fine-tuning occlusion to managing discomfort, their hands-on skill and attention to detail give patients confidence in the process. No one wants avoidable delays or surprises mid-treatment.

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Expertise in Complex Cases

Orthodontists have the training to handle complex cases that dentists may not be equipped to manage. Their advanced skills specialize in severe tooth misalignments, skewed jaw growth, and other major orthodontic challenges beyond average issues like minor crowding or small gaps.

Extensive exposure through their residencies prepares orthodontists to meet even daunting anomalies requiring multi-disciplinary techniques. For example, managing care alongside maxillofacial specialists to integrate jaw realignment and braces for dramatic improvements beyond what dentists can achieve independently. This ability to address the full spectrum of orthodontic complexity drives better outcomes.

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Personalized Patient Experience

Treatments are often designed with a focus on customized patient needs. Treatment durations involving months of continual visits build familiarity between providers and families.

Specialist teams develop customized skills easing potential anxieties during assessments or appliance fittings. Soothing music, warm decorative themes, and relaxed consultation styles strive to make patients feel at home. From booking appointments to adjustment visits, orthodontic staff specializes in reassuring care.


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Disclaimer- The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes and is written by a professional writer. Consult us to learn more about choosing an orthodontist.

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