Porcelain Veneers at Aberdeen Dental Centre

Porcelain Veneers at Aberdeen Dental Centre

Do you want to enjoy a Hollywood smile? Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, it is now possible. Say hello to Porcelain Veneers! Not only are veneers used to hide cosmetic defects, but they are used for correction of the shape and alignment of the teeth. What are Veneers? Veneers are very thin shells of porcelain which are attached to the front surface of teeth to restore their esthetics, function, and structure. Porcelain veneers match the color and shade of your natural teeth and once they are placed, they blend-in with the surrounding teeth, thereby giving you a naturally beautiful and attractive smile. … Continue reading

Relax with sedation for oral surgery at Vernon dental practice

Relax with sedation for oral surgery from dentist in Vernon dental practice

There are many reasons you might need oral surgery, but wisdom tooth extraction is a common one. The idea can be unsettling for anyone. For the patient who has dental anxiety, it is even worse. Dr. Pita Dhaliwal and Dr. Kevin O’Shea offer comforting options in sedation for oral surgery performed at their Vernon office. Why worry about wisdom teeth? Third molars usually emerge at age 17 to 21 – presumably when we are a bit more mature and wiser. Historically, this extra set of grinding teeth was necessary for a largely raw diet. Modern man does not need them, and, in fact, … Continue reading

You asked, your trusted Vernon BC dentists answered, “Do sleep apnea dental appliances work?”

Dental Appliances Vernon BC

If snoring or sleep apnea is concerning to you or your partner, oral appliances are an easy alternative to bulky CPAP therapy. That is the point of having oral appliances in Vernon BC at Aberdeen Dental. The short answer to, “Do Sleep Apnea Dental Appliances Work?” is an emphatic yes! Like all therapies, their effectiveness depends on your unique characteristics.   Overview Those with sleep disorder conditions could benefit from a couple of different oral therapies: Mandibular Advancement and Tongue-Retaining Devices. MRDs fit over upper and lower teeth to move the jaw, tongue, and tissues forward, keeping your airway open … Continue reading

Defining the cosmetic dentist: What does Aberdeen Dental do differently for your smile’s health, beauty?

Cosmetic Dentist Vernon BC

Drs. Dhaliwal and O’Shea and the entire Aberdeen Dental team understand the importance of a beautiful smile, and the value patients and society place on teeth that look as attractive as they are comfortable and functional. If you’ve heard the term “cosmetic dentist,” you may be wondering: “What Does a Cosmetic Dentist Do?” Our Vernon BC team is more than happy to explain the services and approaches that make us the office to turn to for not only preventive oral and gum health services, but also for elective procedures to beautify your smile.   The artistry of dentistry Cosmetic dentistry … Continue reading

Get to know “What is Family Dentistry?” from an office that is more than family dentist in name

Family dentist office staff

While every dental practice at some point treats families, Aberdeen Dental Centre is truly built with the family in mind. From the design of our office to techniques and products, there is an appropriate approach for every member of the family, and for every patient at every life stage. As your family dentist in Vernon BC, our answer to “What is family dentistry?” may be different from what other offices in the area may tell you. A quick glimpse into the heart of our family dentistry office includes: A pleasant atmosphere– From WIFI, to sipping coffee on our deck with a … Continue reading

Experience pleasant dental surgery, oral surgical procedures, and solutions in Vernon BC

Experience pleasant dental surgery, oral surgical procedures, and solutions in Vernon BC from Dr. Pita Dhaliwal and Dr. Kevin O’Shea at Aberdeen Dental.

Surgery isn’t synonymous with time-consuming, complex, costly, and painful procedures. Dental Surgery Procedures in Vernon BC are common, efficient, well-tolerated, and no more extensive than other routine treatments like fillings. Oral Surgical Solutions with gentle digital imaging and calming sedatives offered by Drs. Dhaliwal and O’Shea and the team at Aberdeen Dental ensure your comfort, and may transform your perception of surgery.   Extractions A tooth may be pulled, painlessly and quickly, for a variety of reasons: Impacted wisdom teeth — When these back teeth or third molars don’t erupt properly, they may be extracted to prevent or relieve pain, … Continue reading

Looking for oral health care near Vernon BC? Look forward to recall visits with a dental clinic that treats you like family

Looking for oral health care near Vernon BC - Dr. Pita Dhaliwal and Dr. Kevin O’Shea welcome new patients of all ages at Aberdeen Dental.

Aberdeen Dental is proud to have nurtured an environment where employees are more than that; they’re like family. Patients benefit from this relaxed approach. For a Family Dental Clinic Near Vernon BC, look no further than Drs. Pita Dhaliwal and Kevin O’Shea, and their extended family of professionals and generations of patients who seek oral health care built around their unique needs and preferences.   Care for every patient, every life stage Not all dental problems have symptoms like bleeding, red gums, and pain. Only your dentist knows the full picture. For this reason, it’s important to keep recall appointments. … Continue reading

A dental bridge provides permanent tooth replacement in Vernon BC

Permanent Tooth Bridge BC

Aberdeen Dental is pleased to offer tooth replacement that functions and looks like healthy natural teeth. The permanent tooth bridge in Vernon BC is a cost-effective and functionally effective way to replace a single tooth, or several teeth.   The traditional approach If you have some remaining healthy teeth near the gap where a tooth was, you may be a good candidate for a conventional dental bridge. A false tooth or pontic is fused to two crowns. This multi-unit restoration is cemented over remaining teeth on each side of the gap. These abutment teeth are filed down to make room … Continue reading

A healthy smile starts with preventive dental services in Vernon BC

Girl Flossing for Preventive Dental Services BC

There is no better place to keep your teeth and gums healthy than at your trusted dentist’s office. Preventive dental services at Aberdeen Dental in Vernon, BC include recall visits. Generally scheduled every six months, recall visits include professional cleanings and dental exams. During your exam, Dr. Dhaliwal or Dr. O’Shea will look for signs of problems. These conditions may be detected with a visual inspection or X-rays. The dental team uses advanced, digital technologies for utmost comfort, safety, and precision diagnostics. An accurate diagnosis allows effective, prompt treatment of dental problems.   Gum disease Your dentist looks for signs … Continue reading

Preventative care in BC protects dental, overall health

Patient in chair waiting for Preventive Dental Treatment in BC

When you visit Aberdeen Dental for your preventative dental care needs in BC, you’re keeping your smile beautiful and healthy. A painful mouth or missing teeth can damage many aspects of your life. Your sleep, social life, career, or education can suffer. Painful or inefficient chewing sets off a cascade of health problems, including nutritional deficiencies. Research has also linked dental disease to systemic problems, such as heart disease and diabetes.   You’ve come to the right place to prevent whole-body problems and to keep your family healthy and happy.   An office that feels like home The team is … Continue reading

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